Why I go play at the Energy Outlet Indoor Play Zone!

My and my son go almost every time we see an indoor park. It’s a staple in my co-parenting adventure. I will be the first to admit play time can do a lot of benefit to your child’s growth and development. Not because I as every parent believe my kid is so smart, but also scientifically proven. Many studies suggest that positive playground experiences have cognitive, physical and social benefits for children. Here is how taking your child to an indoor playground on a regular basis can help her avail all the desired benefits of play time –

The strength of indoor playground experience

I’ll be the first to admit my kid loves Roblox!! A lot of children these days are more interested in playing video games than actual games and any physical exercise they do is usually due to virtual reality games that force body movement for game achievements. Taking your child out to playgrounds- both indoor, as well as outdoor, where they can enjoy and develop memories, can prove to be an effective way for your child’s physical development.

Awareness building benefits of indoor playground experience

In addition to the development bettering there motor skills with regular playing, children also develop language and cognitive skills. As they play with multiple participants, they learn how to communicate, solve problems and be creative. Also, the mental stimulation received during playtime directly contributes towards brain development of children at later age. While children can be self-sufficient in playing with their toys at home, indoor playgrounds offer the scope of exploring larger space and structures, as well as forming social bonds.

Socially active positives of indoor playground experience

Children engaging with each other in the playground, under the supervision and sometimes independently; can develop social skills and interpersonal skills. Children will begin to learn to develop and express their likes and dislikes. Social situations also help them in developing a strong sense of self and become more communicative. A playground is a great simulation for future settings like schools, wherein children have to learn to fit into the social structure and behave as per social norms. This is where your child can learn to be content and helpful as well as develop critical skills of leadership and teamwork.

Why indoor playground is better?

With the new rules and regulations and requirements we work with companies like Cos Supply to ensure our disinfection and sanitization compliment and provide as safe and clean environment. The fact is the controlled and more hygienic nature of indoor playgrounds make them the best place to create positive playing and learning experiences for your child. Although outdoor playgrounds offer a good opportunity to connect with nature, indoor playgrounds can be enjoyed in all weathers and with better flexibility of time (to match with your and your child’s schedule).

So plan a play date with your kid and create some positive playground experiences at Energy Outlet Indoor Playground my new home for me and my boy to discover and work on the art of play. Estevan has some great facilities but nothin like this.

Energy outlet indoor play zone

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