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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

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Cold walks, seeing the seasons changing, being back close to home brings me into the mind set of being local. Local and content go hand in hand. Essentially speaking why you are where you are, and how does it compliment your decisions.

Content is crucial, take a look at every annoying pop up add on social media, making money from an easy at home life style, with the world at your finger tips. Hint, nothing is easy. I'm literally the worst for assuming this and always so far into something I thought was easy, once completed I promise I will do it differently and rinse and repeat. Learning more each time, therefore not making it easier just developing a skill. Back to content (stay on focus ash) If you’re pushing a campaign, ensure it’s not a cut and pasted, looks fancy, but it has nothing about the who, what, where, why and how your company is about.

As you can see the most amazing pictures, of nothing of no where. of fake new, inflated reality, false sense of security. Fiction is fiction on the internet if you decide.


Literally 3 pictures collected from the other day just outside of town. The blues matching, crisp white showing cold, flat land and cattle and horses identifying prairies, a pump jack rod covered in snow from a slowed down standstill oilfield.

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. It's not that simple and as someone who's been around in constantly its hard to pin down. As it is different for each person. Be careful how you select your marketers, make sure it aligns with your business directives and goals, ensure you are finding the right people 100,000 people living on the other side of the earth does nothing for you if your selling plants in a Regina greenhouse. Numbers can look good doesn’t mean they are capturing your targeted audience.

I generate posts with 100k views vs 100 views, people want real life, fact, local. Stop trying to broadcast to appease the world anyone can get views, likes, clicks. Go with a good content plan, fill in the gaps will great informational sources. Stick to it, it takes time. I accumulated 11000+ connections on LinkedIn over 5 years, yes I'm sure in that bunch that have zero relevancy to anything. Though the analytics never lie, progress is progress. This post doesn't have the views but i remember being ecstatic when it had 15,000 views. Now with Veli Energy Marketing and My Personal LinkedIn Ash Domes. Things have obviously grown. Which i mean all in all is a great thing to have, personally and professionally. And the third screen shot well proves somethings that people think are on point, is just over done, obnoxious, and just part of the geared system. (the engagement the same who stops to look at it almost 20xs greater).

Broadcast your companies Mission, show them how you live by it. Values, by what you do to maintain and establish within your organization and your community, Statements, facts you go by and can bring forward. Goals and Strategies, what makes your aggressive and why you should be chosen over your competition. Stick to them and get the engagement, find your audience that advocates, follows, likes and the actual leads and actual sales will follow.

Its okay to be you.

Prove it.

PS. My writing is not the best so critique all day, something I have been trying to continually work on.

Ash Domes


Veli Energy Marketing

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