Capturing a Quarter Century

Over the past 24 years we have worked through it all. Booms, busts, break evens, hot, cold, wet, dry. We are all challenged with today’s economics, politics, environmental, and well health and safety. Getting back to basics we will be show casing where we are at today and the equipment we use. With some hints and stories of the past.

Combo Vac Trucks to act as a high pressure wash unit, using this equipment working to break up soils and our sediments, plus the vacuum and hazardous waste hauling tasks. The go to unit for any site disposal of hazardous or non hazardous waste, these trucks are the Swiss army of vac trucks.

Courage Vac Services start with :


Fluid Transfers

Cement Jobs

Service Rig Work


Spill Clean-Ups

Equipment Cleaning

Facility Building Clean-Ups

Tank & Pressure Vessel Cleaning


Add in operators with Courage and you have experience to count us in.

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